Voyager is a small star station orbiting a dwarf planet located in a system with a single, small primary star.   The planet's orbit is near an asteroid belt heavily perturbed by the system's one small gas giant.  As a result, Voyager boasts a formidable defense system.  Designed against natural threats, the defense system proved equally useful against pirates and, during the Company Wars, against enemy starships.  Consequently, the Earth Company Fleet held Voyager for most of the war.

A marginal station, Voyager can be reached only from Mariner (via Mariner-Voyager Point) and Esperance (via Voyager-Esperance point).  Voyager was originally built to support short-range ships trading along that route.  After the war, Voyager's primary value was providing an Alliance-controlled route between Mariner and Esperance; the other route running via Union capital Cyteen.

At the time the Company War began, Voyager's ring was still under construction.  Halted during the war, twenty years after, construction had still not resumed. 

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