The BettyB, piloted by the Sandman (his comms handle) is working in-system buoy maintainance at Pell in the years following the Company Wars. She is in approach to Buoy 17 when it warns of an incoming object on a collision course.

Sandman manages to identify the object as it passes. It's a stray Fleet railgun round with a stealth coating left over from the War. and it's heading inwards in the plane of the ecliptic towards the busy heart of Pell system.

Disaster is averted by the Tinman. a fugitive lying low under a false identity, who puts his ore carrier in the path of the round and succeeds in changing it's course enough to clear the inhabited zones. The impact burns off the stealth coating allowing it to be tracked by the authorities and , not surpisingly, destroys his ship.

Tinman manages to bail out in time to get clear of the impact and is eventually rescued by the Sandman.

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