Ten captains of The Fleet, in Cherryh's own words.

  • Tom Edger of Australia,lean and grim-faced;
    • Jan Meyis 1st officer
  • Mika Kreshov of Atlantic, big Mika, perpetually scowling;
  • Carlo Mendez of North Pole, a small, dark man of quiet manner.
  • Chenel of Libya, on rejuv — his hair entirely silver,
  • Porey of Africa, dark-skinned, an incredibly grim man... cosmetic surgery after wounds was not available in the Fleet.
  • Keu of India, silk-soft and confident;
  • Sung of Pacific, all efficiency;
  • Kant of Tibet, another of Sung’s stamp.

And Conrad Mazian. Silver-haired with rejuv, pale eyes, a tall, handsome man

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