Vital statistics
Species Human
Gender Male
Starship Africa
Faction Mazianni

Edmund Porey is the captain of the Africa and its riderships. Very little is known about the man, in Downbelow Station, fellow EC fleet Captain Signy Mallory describes him as "incredibly grim", and notes that cosmetic surgery was not available in the Fleet. He is also described as dark-skinned and has multiple scars. Bet Yeager, the main protagonist of Rimrunners, served aboard the Africa as a trooper and speaks of him with something approaching awe. She mentions having been up close to him a few times when he'd come down to trooper country and had felt "the power" of the man. He does make a set of appearances in Hellburner, first as a fleet lieutenant and later as a commander. He is shown here to be ambitious, cold, and authoritarian - although capable of exhibiting charm to get what he wants.

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