The Alliance-Union universe is a science fiction future history series, in which the development of political entities and cultures occurs over a long time period. Major characters in one work may be referenced or appear briefly in another.

Reading order Edit

Cherryh has stated that with one exception, the books set in the Alliance-Union universe can be read in any order, "just like real history." [1] The exception she notes are the two novels Heavy Time and Hellburner, which should be read in that order (as originally published and as compiled together in the omnibus edition Devil to the Belt). The two are prequels to Downbelow Station, although they can be read either before or after that novel.

The novels in the Faded Sun trilogy are designed to be read in sequence, as are the books within the Chanur and Morgaine series. The Merovingen Nights series begins with the novel Angel With the Sword and then continues to the short story anthologies, numbered 1 through 7.

Novels by era Edit

The Company Wars Edit

The Era of Rapprochement Edit

  • Serpent's Reach (1980)
    • also published in The Deep Beyond (2005) omnibus
  • Merchanter's Luck (1982)
    • also published in the Alliance Space (2008) omnibus
  • Forty Thousand in Gehenna (1983)
    • also published in the Alliance Space (2008) omnibus
  • Cyteen (1988)
    • also published in a 3-volume edition as The Betrayal, The Rebirth and The Vindication, about which Cherryh has written, "There was a paperbound publication that split the novel into three parts, but this has ended: the current and, by my wishes, all future publications, will have Cyteen as one unified book."[1]
  • Rimrunners (1989)
  • Tripoint (1994)
  • Finity's End (1997)
  • Regenesis (scheduled January 2009)[2]

The Chanur novels Edit

Main article: The Chanur novels
  • The Pride of Chanur (1981)
  • Chanur's Venture (1984)
  • The Kif Strike Back (1985)
    • The Chanur Saga (2000) – single-volume edition of the above three books
  • Chanur's Homecoming (1986)
  • Chanur's Legacy (1992)
    • Chanur's Endgame (2007) – single-volume edition of the above two books

The Mri Wars Edit

Main article: Faded Sun Trilogy
  • The Faded Sun: Kesrith (1978)
  • The Faded Sun: Shon'Jir (1978)
  • The Faded Sun: Kutath (1979)
    • The Faded Sun Trilogy (UK, 1987 and US, 2000) – single-volume edition of the above three books

Merovingen Nights (Mri Wars Period) Edit

Main article: Merovingen Nights

The Merovingen Nights shared-world anthologies are set on the world of Merovin in Cherryh's Alliance-Union universe. They are collections of interrelated short stories written by Cherryh and others. Cherryh's novel Angel with the Sword precedes book #1 in this series.

  • Angel with the Sword (1985)
  • Festival Moon (1987) – Merovingen Nights #1
  • Fever Season (1987) – Merovingen Nights #2
  • Troubled Waters (1988) – Merovingen Nights #3
  • Smuggler's Gold (1988) – Merovingen Nights #4
  • Divine Right (1989) – Merovingen Nights #5
  • Flood Tide (1990) – Merovingen Nights #6
  • Endgame (1991) – Merovingen Nights #7

The Age of Exploration Edit

These novels share a common theme, but an unrelated to each other and can be read in any order.

The Hanan Rebellion Edit

The Morgaine Cycle Edit

Main article: The Morgaine Stories
  • Gate of Ivrel (1976)
  • Well of Shiuan (1978)
  • Fires of Azeroth (1979)
    • Above three collected in the following editions:
      • The Book of Morgaine (1979)
      • The Chronicles of Morgaine (1989)
      • The Morgaine Saga (2000)
  • Exile's Gate (1988)

Miscellaneous Edit

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