The Norway
Vital statistics
Designation ECS-5
Class Carrier
Captain Signy Mallory
Complement Odin (Quevedo), Thor (Almarshad), Fenris, Frey
Faction Alliance

Norway, captained by Signy Mallory is a key starship in many of the Alliance-Union novels.

Norway is a troop carrier, she also has four "rider" ships. Riders are not jump capable but are small, agile, and heavily armed. They travel through jump docked with Norway.

Norway was one of the ships in the original Earth Company Fleet, which defected under Conrad Mazian to form the Mazianni Fleet. During the events of Downbelow Station, Mallory broke with Mazian and Norway became the first warship of the newly created Merchanter's Alliance.

Known Crew Edit

  • Signy Mallory - Captain
  • Graff - 1st Officer
  • Di Janz - Troop Commander, originally from a merchanter
  • Terschad - Alterday Bridge Crew, Helm
  • Tiho, bridge crew, armscomper
  • Joshua Halbraight Talley - Armscomper, Union liaison, formerly Major - Union rank
  • Mahler - trooper, originally from Russell
  • Kee - trooper, originally from a merchanter
  • Quevedo - Ridership Captain Odin
  • Almarshad - Ridership Captain Thor
  • Bihan - trooper officer

Gallery Edit

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