Glory Station, orbiting Ross 154, was the fourth star station founded by the Earth Company. Ross 154 is an M3 class red dwarf located 9.6 light years from Sol. It is a variable star, also known as a flare star, with a flare period of approximately 2 days. It has no identified sub-stellar companions.

In the author's original timeline, Glory Station was founded in 2043 by ECS6 Polaris, launched in 2030 as part of a two-ship mission along with ECS1 Gaia, which founded Alpha Station (Barnard's Star) in 2037. The "go" decision for Glory Station is made in 2033, approximately the initial halfway point.

Glory Station is 5.5 light years from Alpha Station. It lies 8.1 light years distant from Beta Station (Alpha Centauri). Bryant's Star Station (61 Cygni) is 12.2 light years distant, Venture Station (Kruger 60) is 16.7 light years distant, and Thule Station (Ross 248) is 14.8 light years distant. This puts Glory Station at the end of a barren trade route; during the sublight era, it is reachable in a practical sense only from Alpha Station. Worse, an interstellar dust cloud between Alpha and Glory makes that sublight voyage even more dangerous, causing grave particle damage to multiple ships making the trip. These factors combine to doom Glory Station (and eventually Alpha) even before the advent of FTL.

Glory mutinies against the Earth Company in 2178, commandeering ECS11 Mercury to take the station's inhabitants to Bryant's Star Station. ECS7 Santa Maria arrives in 2181 from Alpha Station to reassure the station of the Company's support, but it is too little, too late. Santa Maria returns to Alpha Station, its mission a failure. ECS11 Mercury, not particularly excited about the dangers of the Alpha-Glory run anyway, continues modifications for another two years before departing on the 12 year run to Bryant's. Glory Station is mothballed and evacuated in 2183.

The last sublight ship to call at Glory Station is the same one that founded it, ECS6 Polaris. Already en route from Alpha Station when the evacuation occurs, Polaris arrives in 2186 to find Glory deserted. Since there is no compelling reason to bring it back to Alpha, Polaris is also sent on the long voyage to Bryant's.

Following the end of the Company War, Glory is claimed by the newly founded Alliance and reactivated along with most of the other Hinder Star stations. The discovery of Gaia Point, a point mass off Bryant's Star, renders Glory obsolete once again.

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