Galileo is a small star station orbiting EV Lacertae, an M3 class red dwarf 16.5 light years from Sol. EV Lacertae is a flare star.

Galileo Station was founded in 2075 by ECS2 Valiant, which departed Bryant's Star Station (61 Cygni, 6.9 light years distant) in 2068. Although launched and founded after Thule (Ross 248), Galileo is nonetheless considered the sixth hinder star station. Galileo is 6.5 light years from Thule, putting it in the local group of star stations trading with each other during the sublight era, along with Bryant's (61 Cygni), Venture (Kruger 60, 4.9 light years distant), and Olympus. This star field was identified as "positive news" by Venture Station to Sol in 2060.

Unfortunately for Galileo, it is 17.2 light years from Pell (Tau Ceti). In an era of sublight, it had sufficiently close neighbors for viability, but FTL rendered that irrelevant. Galileo is actually closer to Cyteen, but at 13.4 light years from Lalande 46550, too distant for trade in an era of sublight. Without a navigation route to Cyteen, it remained too distant to survive in an era of FTL.

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