Vital statistics
Species Human
Gender Male
Starship Europe
Faction Mazianni

Conrad Mazian is the leader of the Mazianni fleet (formerly the Earth Company Fleet). He is captain of ECS-1 Europe. As leader of the fleet, he was responsible for executing the Earth Company's strategy in the Company Wars, a strategy that was ultimately unsuccessful. The fleet's actions early in the war are not explored in any current Cherryh novel, but the end of the war is described in Downbelow Station. In it, Mazian plans to force Union to expand faster than can in order to buy time, but the plan is interrupted by Earth Company representatives intending to buy time to build a second fleet. As a result of the two working at cross-purposes, Mazian chooses to destroy Pell Station and seize Earth itself in a coup, possible because of the immense destructive power of FTL capable warships.

Following his defeat at Pell and Earth, Mazian retreated into deep space, fighting a pirate action for decades. The fate of the fleet was never definitively determined.