Major characters and other important persons Edit

  • Estelle Bok, inventor of faster-than-light (FTL) travel (Human space.)
  • Pyanfar Chanur, Captain of one of her Hani clan's merchant starships, the Pride of Chanur; later Personage of the Compact, a loose confederation of diverse species that deliberately excludes humans lest they disrupt the Compact's delicate balance of power (The Chanur novels)
  • Sten Duncan, Alliance Security special forces soldier; human who "went native" and joined the Mri; serves as mediator between the Mri and humans (The Faded Sun trilogy)
  • Ariane Emory I, Union administrator of the influential and politically powerful Reseune research complex, source of most Azi innovations; superb scientist in her own right (Cyteen)
  • Ariane Emory II, Reseune administrator (after her predecessor's assassination) and clone of Ariane I (Cyteen)
  • Damon Konstantin, Pell Station administrator and ex-officio leader of the Merchanter Alliance; husband of Elene Quen (Downbelow Station)
  • Elene Quen, co-founder of the Merchanter's Alliance; last survivor of the respected Quen merchanter family, casualties of the Company War; spouse of Damon Konstantin (Downbelow Station)
  • Conrad Mazian, brilliant commander of the outnumbered Earth Company Fleet; after the end of the Company War, leader of the renegade Mazianni, the remnant of the Fleet -- except ECS Norway -- that survived the war (Downbelow Station)
  • Signy Mallory, Captain of the Earth Company military ship Norway; defected to the Alliance after Mazian turned against Earth; her ship (along with the armed superfreighter Finity's End) formed the core of the newborn Alliance militia forces (Downbelow Station, Merchanter's Luck)
  • James Robert Neihart, Captain of the armed superfreighter Finity's End and one of the Merchanter Alliance negotiators (Finity's End)
  • Kurt Morgan, sole surviving crewman of the Alliance ship Endymion, participant in the Hanan Rebellion and the wars of the Nemet race (Brothers of Earth)
  • Raen a Sul hant Meth-maren, sole survivor and head of the Sul sept of the Meth-Maren House of the Kontrin company; human mediator with the alien Majat (Serpent's Reach)
  • Thorn, Hatani guild member; human raised by the Shonunin to be their ambassador to his species (Cuckoo's Egg)
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