Alpha Station was the first star station established by the Sol Corporation, predecessor to the Earth Company.  It is located at Barnard's Star, an M4 red dwarf located 5.9 light years from Sol.  Barnard's Star is the second closest system to Sol, after the trinary Alpha Centauri system. 

In the author's original timeline, the first star probes left for Barnard's Star in 2005, with data received at Sol in 2019.  A dual star station module is then launched in 2030; ECS1 Gaia arriving at Barnard's Star in 2037 and establishing Star Station 1, Alpha Station.  The second module, ECS6 Polaris, does not decelerate, instead continuing on to Ross 154 in order to establish Glory Station, Star Station 4, in 2043.  Ross 154 is 5.5 light years from Barnard's Star.

Alpha Centauri, location of Beta Station, is 6.46 light years from Barnard's Star, making Beta the third closest system to Alpha Station, after Glory (Ross 154) and Sol.  (Alpha Centauri is 8.1 light years from Glory Station, Ross 154.)

Following the tragic abandonment of Beta Station in 2157, and the mutiny at Glory Station which resulted in its abandonment in 2183, Alpha Station finds itself with no trading partners other than Sol. Bryant's Star Station (61 Cygni) is 9.3 light years away, and with the founding of Pell, there is no reason for any ship to make such a long voyage to Alpha.

In 2195, ECS1 Gaia, which has been the primary link from Sol for 40 years, arrives to find the station in riot. The decision is made to abandon Alpha Station and move the inhabitants to Bryant's. Unlike with the Glory Station evacuation, instead of modifying Gaia to carry the colonists, the ship pushes them in a module, the same way it brought them to the system 150 years earlier.

There is no mention of anything being done with the Alpha Station module after the voyage, which suggests only part of the station was moved. This also hints that Alpha was one of the Hinder Star stations reactivated following the Company War. If so, Alpha Station (rather than Beta) was likely made obsolete again by the discovery of Gaia Point, off Bryant's Star

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