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Cherryh has been praised for her complex, well-developed alien cultures. Her Alliance-Union universe features numerous sentient alien species, including the following:

Species name Home system Home planet Appearing in Notes
Amaut Hunter of Worlds Industrious, stocky humanoids; little regard for other races that are in the way of valuable resources
Anhit Wave Without a Shore
Caliban Gehenna Forty Thousand in Gehenna Large, semi-reptilians of uncertain intelligence; some bond telepathically with the descendants of colonists (the forty thousand) abandoned by the Union
Chi Chchchoh Chanur novels Sticklike yellow methane-breathers; frenetic; linked to T’ca
Elee Kutath Faded Sun trilogy Humanoid, artistic, perhaps akin to Mri
Hani Ahr Anuurn (Ahr II) Chanur novels Bipedal felines, with many parallels to lions; matriarchal society - only females travel off-planet, as merchants and traders; males are considered too unstable, at least until Pyanfar Chanur changes the rules
Hisa Pell's Star (Tau Ceti) Downbelow Downbelow Station, Finity's End (novel) Peaceful brown-furred bipedal mammalians; called "Downers" by Pell stationers
Human Sol Earth
Iduve Hunter of Worlds Dangerous, psychic, predatory humanoids who travel in lone, huge, immensely powerful spaceships and terrorize other species with their sometimes incomprehensible behavior; more technologically advanced than any other known civilization; members of several species, including at least one human, have been forcibly taken as slaves
Kalliran Hunter of Worlds thin, hollow-boned humanoids; vehement pacifists
Kif Akkt Akkht Chanur novels Long-snouted bipedal carnivores; extremely competitive; Quickly shift "loyalty" to whoever is in power (or likely to take over, in their frequent, often lethal power struggles)
Knnn Unknown Unknown Chanur novels Multi-legged methane-breathers; packrats; chaotic; they (along with the Tc'a) control the most advanced jump tech in the Compact, capable of hovering above gravity wells, changing course vector mid jump and capable of perfect jump sync
Majat Alpha Hydri Cerdin (Alpha Hydri II or III, depending on source) Serpent's Reach Hive-mind insectoids - the entire species consists of four distinct hive-minds, identified by the Meth-maren by color (blue, green, red and gold)
Mahendo'sat Iji Chanur novels Highly political mammalians and therefore not especially trustworthy; introduced the Hani to space travel
Mri Kutath Faded Sun trilogy Humanoid; tripartite caste-based society; militaristic
Nemet Brothers of Earth Humanoid; strict honor based society; reminiscent of Atevi, Mri, and Shonunin
Regul Faded Sun trilogy Xenophobic; juvenile and adult forms are highly differentiated; eidetic memory; averse to direct violence, prefer to employ other species for such to remain out of harm's way
Stsho Llyene Chanur novels Hermaphroditic; physically and emotionally fragile
Sharrh Merovingen Nights series Advanced; aggressive; territorial
Shonunin Cuckoo’s Egg Bipedal mammalians; less technologically advanced than humans
Tc'a Oh’a’o’o’o Chanur novels Serpentine methane-breathers; multipartite brains; linked to Chi (Pets? Symbiot?) Highly advanced, likely on par with the Knnn

The novels Port Eternity and Voyager in Night feature additional sentient alien races that exist in the Alliance-Union universe. The Morgaine books are built around the actions of a humanoid race called Qual, Khal and similar names, while Morgaine herself is a half-blood member of the "ancestors of the qual", and the third book in the series, features an arboreal species called the harim.

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